Your Stay:
A Spot in Paradise

How to offer you exoticism in all comfort, not too far from Bangkok? How to make sure that all 300 of us will be able to spend time together without crowding each other, while not being in the middle of nowhere? How to secure the cooperation and the goodwill of a hotel at the very peak of the tourist season? Hmmm… We have searched far and wide before finding our little spot in Paradise. It is called “Felix River Kwai Resort”.

In this section of our site, you will discover all the nooks and crannies of the resort that will welcome you for the four days of festivities (and more if you wish so). You will soon find here the following sub-sections:

bullet Spot in Paradise: A general presentation of the place and the people who will be your guides during your stay
bullet The Hotel on the Map maps and pictures will enable you to locate the town in Thailand, the hotel in the town, and your room in the hotel

Your Rooms: All details and pictures of your room according to the package you will have chosen

bullet Your Restaurants: For the connoisseurs, enough to make your mouth water, with a presentation of the eating places, both inside and outdoors
bullet Your Relaxation: Since Thailand is known for this, why not take the opportunity ? All details about massages, aromatherapy, reflexology, and other relaxation programs available on site
bullet The Surroundings: A quick overview of the tourist, cultural, natural and less natural places where you can go for a walk nearby the hotel

On site Transports: All facilities that will be offered to you so that you can go around the area


Extended Stay?: A series of options availabl e for those of you who can extend their stay by a week and who wish to rest, discover, get exposed to different cultures, save endangered turtles, go shopping or do some sports in Thailand or in the region (did you know that Angkor Vat and Pagan are less than 2 hours away from Bangkok


We will of course make sure that you can enjoy the food whatever your diet and preferences. And rooms will be allocated so as to fulfill specific needs as much as possible. Nothing is impossible in Thailand!