The Land of Smile

This reunion will also be the opportunity for many of you to discover our adoptive country, Thailand.

Thailand is rather similar to France in many respects, whether geographical (comparable size and population, similarly small number of large cities, variety of landscapes) or cultural (nationalism, individualism, respect for conventions and hierarchies, love for good food and good jokes) – so much so that it would be quite easy to transfer the character of Asterix in Thailand. And yet, this country appears to the French visitor as the most incredibly exotic and strange! The Thai notion of urban planning is mysterious, as is their way of driving; impossible to read the letters of the Thai alphabet and to find one’s way through the tones that give 4 or 5 different meanings to the same word… But never mind: when it is just a matter of staying here a few days, what one notices first and foremost is the Thai smile, which accompanies the tourist all the way to the plane and lingers in the memories! 

In this section of our site you will progressively discover some information that aims that opening a tiny window on to Thailand – just enough for you to prepare your coming and to find your way once arrived. You will therefore soon find here the following sub-sections:

bullet General Information: Key facts and figures on Bangkok and Thailand, a short summary presentation of the country
bullet Do’s and Don’ts: A list of things you should do and those you should not do when in Thailand, to respect its culture and sensitivities, and/or simply because you are a traveler
bullet Places to See: A selection of tourist and cultural sites to see in Thailand, for your information and/or to help you organize the extended part of your stay

The Thais: A presentation of the Thai people, with some concrete details that should help address a few pre-conceived ideas

bullet Lexicon: A few Thai words to be used locally to get around or just to be polite

In a first step, remember that Thailand is a tropical country, i.e. quite hot, but that your stay will occur right in the middle of the winter season the weather should therefore be quite delightful (between 20° and 26° C) and since we will stay on the seaside, this temperature should be even milder thanks to the sea breeze. The buildings will be air-conditioned, so those of you who wish to remain in phase with European winter will be able to do so – the others should in any case remember to come with something warm (to wear not to go out, but to get back in!)… A last little detail for the road: the favorite expression in Thailand is “Mai pen rai”, which means “never mind”… To be followed for more information.