The Program of Festivities


Hi and many thanks for so kindly joining in the adventure of our wedding!

In this section of our site you will discover all the details of the program we are designing for you over the four festivities days, and more. You will find here the following sub-sections:

isabelle and eric
bullet Us: The journey of our lives over 42 years before we finally met in September 2005
bullet Engagement: A short documentary on the marriage proposal and the engagement on 31 July 2006
bullet Celebration: The main parts of our wedding, from the official procedures to the big party
bullet First Day: The detailed program of the day of your arrival in Thailand
bullet Second Day: The detailed program of the ceremonial day and the big party dinner
bullet Third Day: The detailed program of the casual encounters day
bullet Fourth Day: The detailed program of the day that may – or may not – be the last of your stay with us
bullet Kids' Corner: The details of what we have in mind to enchant your children, babies, kids or teenagers

The selection of the dates for this 4-day party has been the object of many calculations and debates. The point was to try and select a period when it would be easy to take time off in most countries, while ensuring that you would be able to spend Christmas with your family before coming, and leave just in time for you to celebrate New Year's Eve anywhere you wish.


As a result, the four days of our wedding will be 27, 28, 29 and 30 December 2007.