Your Trip:

Personalized Arrangements


Since you so kindly come all the way to attend our wedding, the least we can do is to endeavor to make your trip as easy and affordable as possible!

In this section of our site you will therefore discover all the logistic details of your trip. You will find here the following sub-sections:

bullet Charter Paris-Bangkok: Even if the diversity of your schedules is such that our idea to charter a plane proves unfeasible (we would need daily flights for a month!), we try here to give you as much information as possible so as you can find not too expensive intercontinental flight tickets.
bullet All the Flights: We give here whatever information we have on flights reaching Bangkok on 27 December, including their prices
bullet Useful Addresses: You will find here contact numbers and addresses of Thai Embassies in your country, useful addresses to find information on Thailand, good-to-know Thai institutions, and a selection of guidebooks on Thailand
bullet Packages: You will find here the packages we have negotiated for you, which vary according to the type of room you select and your age. You will also find here the link towards the website where you can book and pay your package
bullet Your Suitcases: You will find here some tips on what you should put (and what you should not put) in your luggage. For those who would look for our wedding list, they will read here our viewpoint on the matter.
bullet Formalities: We remind you here of the few formalities you need to go through to come and stay in Thailand
bullet Welcome in Bangkok: You will discover here what we will have organized to welcome you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel on 27 December, as well as all necessary information for those who wish to rent a car on arrival

Overall, Thailand is reputed to be a convenient, welcoming and very affordable tourist destination – even for those coming from other continents. For a European, it is sometimes cheaper to go to Bangkok than to another European country. It does however remain more expensive than staying home – and it is for this reason that we will do our very best so that you can enjoy your trip, in all respects!