All of You:
From All Over the World

Georges Laurent

Jacques Michelet

Relatives and/or friends, you will come (hopefully) from all over the world to join in the adventure of our wedding, and beyond, to enjoy a bit of the time we so seldom can find to be together. Many of you know each other, but very few know everybody.
This section of our site is therefore designed, as a giant portrait gallery, to help you discover each other even before you actually see each other in Thailand. We will complete it as we receive your confirmations. You will soon find here the following sub-sections:


Cecile Michelet

bullet Our Parents: The four people who will have made this big party possible; indeed, what would we be without them?


Salome Duteurtre

bullet Michelet Family: Isabelle’s close family, and the paternal branch of her extended family
bullet Périnelle Family: The maternal branch of Isabelle’s family
bullet Laurent Family: Eric’s close family, and the paternal branch of his extended family
Nathan Laurent            Koy Boonchan


Joy Boonchan

bullet Dravet Family: The maternal branch of Eric’s family


Colette Laurent


Our Witnesses: those very special people who accepted to be our witnesses

bullet Thai Family: The relatives of the Thai section of our rather special family
bullet Our Friends from France: Our old (and not so old) buddies from France, childhood friends, schoolmates, university friends, those that we could never forget even after years of expatriation
bullet Our Friends from Asia: The friends we have met throughout the decades we have spent in Asia, be they Asian, French or else…
bullet Our Friends from the World: Those that chance and life have allowed us to meet and befriend even though they come neither from France nor from Asia
Philippe Kopcsan

It would be very difficult for us to tell you today how many of you will actually come. But based on the list of several hundred invited guests, we suspect you will constitute a rather diverse group – not so surprising considering the “international” lives we have been – and still are – living. 

Hence, our guests are of 34 different nationalities; they currently reside in 26 different countries ; nearly half of them are between 35 and 60 years-old, but 16% are less than 13 and the same proportion is older than 60. Enough to please everybody we hope!