Our Family:
Not So Typical...

To introduce the family we have built in Bangkok is not such an easy feat, and requires more open-mindedness than any kind of social references. But after all, what is a “normal” family nowadays? And we are the living proof that five surnames, two nationalities, three mothers, an adoptive father and six children can happily coexist in family harmony.


This section of our site is therefore designed for those of you who do not have the opportunity to see us often to be able to get an update and/or discover our life in Bangkok within our special family. You will soon find here the following sub-sections:

bullet Our Couple: The life we have been building for ourselves since the two of us have found each other
bullet Our Family: The adults and the kids who are sharing our life
bullet Prasena: The company co-founded and co-managed by Isabelle, which partners and employees constitute a kind of extended family
bullet Our Home: The house that has been hosting Isabelle for nearly 15 years, and which today is home for 9 permanent residents, 3 part-time residents and a fluctuating number of visitors and migrants

Our Life in Bangkok: A few snapshots of our multicultural life, rich with diversity… and some quite unexpected challenges